Reding Hueber Ag Consulting is a team of diverse, experienced traders and analysts who have made a career of trading futures, options, and managing risk in the physical commodity markets.

You farm in volatile times

Precision agriculture and technological advances drive production improvements, but producing more bushels per acre is only part of what it means to be successful.

Tying a strong production plan together with an approach to effectively manage the price you receive for that production is necessary to running a successful business.

Our focus is on the revenue section of your income statement.

Our team brings to your operation the same market expertise you see at the large grain companies around the world.

Why Reding Hueber Ag Consulting?

Marketing grain is as much about removing emotion as it is understanding fundamentals. Our people have been there, we have run profit and loss centers, traded for a living, and done more than just fire off advice without having any repercussions. With Reding Hueber, you have the first farmer-centric advisory, staffed by people that have sat in some of the most difficult trading and risk management chairs in the industry.

Farmers have more control of their marketing now than they have in a very long time, if ever. More on farm storage, multiple pricing tools via futures, options, elevator contracts, and many others give farmers a variety of means to sell their grain. We understand the contracts and know what it is like to be right, and wrong in the market.

Reding Hueber Platform

Exclusive access to the Reding Hueber Platform, a cutting edge system featuring up to the minute marketing strategies, proprietary news and market analysis, weather, and 10 minute delayed futures quotes.

Original Market Content

Our approach is different - we are here to help guide a strategy that silences the "noise" and provides real value for our customers.

Experienced Traders and Analysts

The Reding Hueber team's unparalleled experience and world-wide industry connections give us a unique advantage that cannot be found elsewhere.