NO BULL---- Black Friday Edition

We are jingling all the way to the bank this week with land prices high enough to make Santa faint, dashing through the snow in $$$ SUVs and trucks, on the hunt for the World's BEST Farmer, bargain shopping at Walmart and wrapping it all up with...

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NO BULL---- Tis the season for Thanksgiving

This week we take a look at an inflated turkey dinner, Thanksgiving travel, and we say thanks for strong demand. Click here for Tis the season for Thanksgiving    

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NO BULL---- The Elephant in the Room

Not-so-green elephants, elephant-sized price tags, to eat an elephant one bite at a time and more this week. Click here for NO BULL---- The Elephant in the Room

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NO BULL---- Time Flies

  This week it is all about time. The clock is ticking on the US soybean export window, epic times for farmland sales, time in no doubt money, and don't forget to turn your clock back this weekend! CLICK HERE FOR TIME FLIES

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NO BULL---- Halloween Edition

This week we have a Halloween theme with Candy Corn, Exports and China: Trick-or-Treat?, Monstrous moves during October, and update on housing and frighteningly high farm ground costs. Click HERE for NO BULL----  

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NO BULL---- Movers & Shakers

This week we cover the biggest movers and shakers as it relates to the grain market: oil, ethanol, soybean exports and Brazil's unprescedented rate of expansion (Mato Grosso, below). CLICK HERE FOR MOVERS & SHAKERS

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NO BULL---- For Comparison's Sake

Nokia is bringing back a classic, gas is super high, commodities and the US dollar have turned into quite the conundrum, the global energy crisis and more this week! Click here for NO BULL---- FOR COMPARISON'S SAKE  

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NO BULL---- Newton's Third Law

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. This week we cover record land sales, labor problems and agriculture's long-time solutions, 2020's effects on dining habits, inflation and more! Click here for Newton's Third...

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#1 seller, transportation costs for 1 bushel, the $1.00 conundrum, September 1 stocks and more this week! CLICK HERE FOR THAT ONE THING

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NO BULL---- Notable & Quotable

It's never the gator you're watching that bites you. Boats, barges, bushels, and more in this week's edition. Click HERE for Notable & Quotable  

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This week we cover the Top 10, including winners & losers, vessels, barges, containers, eye-popping pricetags, exports, and the 1 thing we always forget. Click HERE for THE NO BULL---- TOP TEN  

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This week we cover the highly-anticipated September report, while also reflecting on the things that matter most. Click HERE for this week's edition

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This week we are having a mini pre-harvest marketing meeting, hitting the important points for supply and demand. We also take a closer look at Hurricane Ida, the destruction, and her impacts that are being felt at elevators across the Midwest. Click...

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NO BULL---- This or That

In this week's edition we tackle biofuel blending, pit electric versus gas, see land sell for an eye-popping $22,600/acre, and take a closer look at corn and soybean exports. Click HERE for This or That     

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NO BULL---- In High Demand

This week we break down all things demand including record exports, export seasonality, record soy crush, high ocean freight and more. Click HERE for In High Demand

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NO BULL---- Let's Get Ready to Rumble!

Dueling ideas, a railroad row and a complete August report yield breakdown.   Click HERE for Let's Get Ready to Rumble  

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NO BULL---- Yielding the Right Results

Yields, yields, and more yields this week! Check out Yielding the Right Results HERE  

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NO BULL---- Sizing Up the Competition

We are sizing up the competition this week: Man vs Beast Left vs Right The US vs the World Biodiesel vs Renewable Diesel and more! Check out Sizing Up the Competition HERE!    

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NO BULL---- Going for the Gold

This week we take an Olympic-sized look at market action including Wheat 101, the RFS headline Olympics, global GDP rankings and more! Going for the Gold  

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NO BULL---- Going to Extremes

A list of extremes including temperature and precipitation, low water levels in both hemispheres, extreme correlations and more this week! Going to Extremes ​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​    

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